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Posted: March 3, 2022

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Specializing in high-end, specialty linens for weddings and events, Linen Closet in Concord is a Premier Fine Linen Rental Company.Linen Closet Owner

“My goal is to keep it really boutique and maintain the highest quality,” says owner, Malvina Pelleriti.

Pelleriti purchased the already-established company in 2018 and moved it to Vaughan in 2019, 6 months before Covid-19 was even a mention.

“I live in Vaughan, my whole life is Vaughan.”

Pelleriti says when the pandemic hit, she focused on changing directions — including creating an online shop called Linen Closet Home, so clients could purchase linens for their home. She says she also focused on keeping the brand alive on social media, so “nobody forgot about us”.

Today, Pelleriti says the business is doing well but has changed. From last-minute orders to party sizes changing overnight, it’s sometimes overwhelming. But her focus remains on her customers and quality.

Linen Closet“My entire career is based on customer service. For me, the client experience is #1. We want everyone to feel important, whether they’re ordering 1 table cloth or ten tablecloths. That’s one of the reasons why people come back to Linen Closet.”

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