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Posted: March 4, 2022

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“It has been a nightmare.”

For bookstore owner Anna Curlat-Rozenburg, the pandemic meant all her in-person shopping, music and language classes were halted — immediately.

Matveika bookstore

Anna is the Director at Matveika, a Russian Bookstore at Dufferin and Major Mackenzie, which specializes in children’s books and learning materials. They also offer baby music classes and Russian language classes for young children up to 7 years old.

“It has been extremely challenging. You can order a book online, but you need to open a book to go through it, and see what you need. There are different levels of Russian communications, and not all books are levelled the same. It’s really personal.”

Anna calls herself a “Book Conceirge”, and says sometimes it takes more than an hour to select the best book for a customer. She is grateful to all her clients who supported her business during the pandemic.

“We are very grateful. Clients were buying in advance, just to support us.”

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