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Posted: December 15, 2021

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When the pandemic hit, the personal care industry suffered.

For WAXON franchise owner, Sarah Evans, it meant not seeing her clients on a regular basis.

Wax On Portrait of Sarah

Located at Bathurst Street and Rutherford in Thornhill, WAXON specializes in hair removal for women (and men), using three different types of hard wax, created by client feedback and expert “waxologists”. 

“We are very, very focused on the client experience,” says Evans. “From when you come through the doors, to when you leave.”

Wax On

Continuous lockdowns meant Sarah couldn’t see her clients, but when WAXON re-opened, she was ready.

“There wasn’t really much we had to do to prepare as we were already very diligent with cleanliness. We want to ensure we’re keeping our clients and the community safe.”

WAXON is proud to be a safe-space for women and has created a blog called “We Go There”, where clients can read about health, mental health and wellness from trusted sources.


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