Giro D’Italia

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Giro D’Italia literally means “tour of Italy’, and that’s what you’ll get when you visit this Concord gem. From monthly culinary features and classic Italian favourites, you are guaranteed an authentic adventure every time you visit.

Giro Restaurant

Like many local restaurants, the pandemic was especially difficult for Giro D’Italia. But as diners return, the restaurant is ready to serve and is currently offering catering menus, alongside dine-in options. Looking to plan an event? Holiday or New Year’s gathering? Giro D’Italia can help.

Giro Dish

“We are proud to have an Italian staff, a menu that is constantly changing, a fine selection of wine,” says General Manager, Michele Pellegrini. “Every time you come to Giro D’Italia, it’s a different experience.”

Giro Dish with Drink

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