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Tourism Vaughan

Perfect Pairings in Vaughan

Discover Culinary Delights with the Taste of Vaughan

The days are long but the summer is short, which means it’s time to treat yourself and your sweetheart to a romantic three-day getaway. Our three-day Perfect Pairings itinerary will take you through some of Vaughan’s notable date spots!

It’s time to find somewhere beautiful to get lost in. Start your weekend getaway with a stop at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection. Known for its extensive art collection paying homage to Canadian artists and Indigenous art, the McMichael Canadian Art Collection is also home to several acres of beautiful green space. Grab a coffee from the McMichael Café and spend your morning strolling through years of history, art, and wildlife.

We know that wine tasting is a common activity for couples, but what about cheese tasting? For your next stop, satisfy your tastebuds with some exquisite cheese from Quality Cheese, located 15-minutes from McMichael’s. Brother trio Albert, Joseph, and William Borgo have dedicated their lives to perfecting the art of cheesemaking, earning multiple awards, and gifting us with delicious cheese. Select your favourites, add some crackers, grab a blanket and drive 12-minutes down to Boyd Conservation Park to enjoy an afternoon picnic or leisurely stroll.

It’s time for dinner and we know just where to guide you. Share a bowl of pasta – Lady and the Tramp style – or split a fine Italian pizza at Trio Restaurant. Serving up the finest Italian cuisine, Trio Restaurant is a romantic, picturesque fine dining experience that can only be enhanced by a glass of carefully curated red or white wine. Conveniently located within the Novotel Hotel, enjoy a nightcap before heading up to your room for the night.

A statue in a park surrounded by trees

There are many accommodations in Vaughan that can make your romantic getaway a winner. Check them out here and choose the one that’s best for you!

A single, delicious-looking taco on a dark blue plate.

Get a head start on day two of our three-day itinerary by fueling up on some of Canada’s best coffee from Balzac’s Coffee Roasters. Known for its beautiful interior and delicious coffee, Balzac’s is the ideal location for starting your next adventure.
Spend the afternoon indulging in a series of spa services by making the ten-minute drive to Sanctuary Day Spa. Whether you’re interested in massages, facials, body treatments, or others, experience a day of pampering with your sweetheart at Vaughan’s premier spa. Offering an elegant urban retreat with a warm and relaxing atmosphere, Sanctuary Day Spa is the ideal location for a mid-getaway detox.

As we near the end of day two, give yourselves something to taco-bout by indulging in a delicious, traditional Mexican meal at Ay Caramba, Eh!. Serving up some of Mexico’s iconic meals, ranging from nine different types of tacos, as well as nachos, burritos, quesadillas, and more, Ay Caramba, Eh! is an excellent way to spice up the night. Don’t forget to indulge in a signature churro before you depart! You definitely won’t be going hungry tonight!

View of Canada's wonderland's rides

On the last day of your getaway, tighten your runners, lather on the sunscreen, and get ready for a day-long, fun-filled adventure at Vaughan’s crown wonder – Canada’s Wonderland. Take a spin on Wonderland’s newest adult ride, the Yukon Striker that takes you on a 360-degree looping dive, or soak up some rays alongside the waterpark with a funnel cake to tide you over until dinnertime. Canada’s Wonderland offers multiple amenities that are sure to keep you entertained for the day and bring you closer to your significant other, especially at record-breaking heights!

Once you’re roller-coastered out, pick up some refreshing drinks at Bevi-Birra to enjoy at home. A 15-minute drive from Canada’s Wonderland and known as Ontario’s best craft beer destination, Bevi-Birra is home to over 100 unique beers from all across the province that can’t be found in liquor or grocery stores! Grab a few brews and give cheers for time well spent.

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